Top 10 website for sharing and saving files, docks, PPT and Other


Information technology makes whole world very small. Now everyone able to connect the people within the second who are living miles way form him/her. If you have smart phone connected with internet then you can capture or see whole worlds without going anywhere. Information technology has lot of advantage as well as disadvantage but most of the people are using in right way. There are many other things changes in the internet world and most the companies are doing in these directions to make country paper less and save the earth. Every day and second it is changing the world in many different ways.

So as I told you, technology brings lost of happiness among the people and they also adopting the things very fast. Some are very good technology which is solving peoples day work. Many such software and online platform are available which is saving the lot of paper by enabling the online platform of PDF, Docs and PPT Sharing sites such sites are very friendly and easy to use. Many people are looking to know about these sites so that they will work in very secure manner. So after doing much research, we are sharing some website list which will give lot of confident when you share the file online.

If you are still unable to understand for what we are talking about then you should we are let you know about though the example. If you are Indian then you heard about the aadhar number cum identity card so many people applied for the aadhar card and after that they visit for the checking of the aadhar card on the official website. Aadhar offices allow downloading applied aadhar card form Nearly all people download the aadhar card and they are save file in online platform so that whenever they need they will able of download and use. If you have electronic document of any document then upload these platform and use by just signing in that.

List of Top 10 Document Sharing Sites

  1. ISSUE
  2. SlideShare
  3. Scribd
  4. net
  5. Docstock
  6. Calameo
  7. Zoho
  8. Keep and Share
  9. Free eBooks
  10. 4shared

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