Top 10 Power full Countries Based on Economy, Military and other

Many people don’t know about the ”how many countries are in the earth” so as per the UN there are 196 countries which has own law and order, national flag and affiliate with other countries. These countries has right to change its constitution and take decision for its country. All country has right to protect the country as well as provide the best facilities to the people. So for that they are taking decision in any of the filed like economy, passport, education and many others. All these process makes country more prosperous as well as growth oriented. Many of you listen that list of fasted growing economy or country but here we will provide the Top 10 Power full Countries.

How we can say that this is more power full and that country is less power full. There are many parameter but some of best fitted for the all countries. So here we are making list of Top 10 Power full countries which is recognised by the all around the world. The criteria of that is different and may so some of that are economy, military, influence, growth, education and technology so these are things which effects more to the other nation. If countries who has good and stable government as well as performing aspects which is listed in the above then you can say that threes countries are the best.

So we are listing the countries name which performed best in this entire category and which makes most influence in other countries. These list may be vary or different so we are not saying. These country may be lack in many things despite of that they are most popular as well as influential in many ways so the list of Top 10 Power full countries in all over the world.

  1.  United States of America
  2.  China
  3.  Japan
  4.  Germany
  5.  Russia
  6.  India
  7.  France
  8.  United Kingdom
  9.  UAE
  10.  Netherlands

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