Top 10 Places Where Aadhaar Card Mandatory in India

aadhar cardFirst time in India after independence some things is happening which effects whole citizens’ life. May be you are thinking about some big project but you it is a big project and it is unifying the whole citizen. Through this project all Indian have same identity card which is valid across the nation and there is no need of any other identity card. Nearly all citizens has know the name of that and that is “Aadhar Card”. Now a day aadhar cards become the part of life and for any governmental as well as private work they need that card. So the usage of aadhar card is increased massively across the country. Many places organisation only asked for the aadhar card and they will not accept any other identity card.

As per my opinion and for the public interest, we are writing the article and places where you aadhar card usage are mandatory. So that next time you have such identity card before going to that place. So here below give the places or organisation which has made aadhar card submission mandatory from the year 2017. Government now trying to make aadhar card mandatory in all the government system but the Supreme Court has pullout that rule then after they also accepting other card. Supreme Court has given relaxation to millions of people who have many other identity cards.

Now days many examination taking authority has notified the news that all students should submit the aadhar card on the examination form or ate the examination if he/she still not have aadhar card. If you still not have eaadhar card then apply through the official aadhar Kendra and for that you should check the full details in aadhar card new publishing website by searching in internet. After applying in that you will get in aadhr card in within one months and till then check status of aadhar card on the official website of UIDAI.

Places Where Aadhar Card Mandatory

  • NEET Examination 2017
  • Scholarship Examination
  • Opening Bank Account
  • Using BHIM App
  • Using Aadhar Payment App
  • JEE Examination
  • PDS Centre
  • For LPG Subsidy
  • EPFO
  • Monthly Pension

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