Top 10 Military Power Countries in World, Power Full Military in World

Military spending are increasing across the worlds as per various govt data and international research more than 1.5 trillion dollar spends on military budget. Countries are racing to become a super power through the military power despite of they have unable to provide food and other basic facilities to the citizens of respective countries. There is no mechanism created by the world so that anyone restrict on military expanding. Many international journal and other research institution has done research by global fire power in various facts and after that they had made one list of top power full countries in the worlds. So you must take look of that and some myths are brooking.

So list of Top 10 Power full Military

  • 1. United States of America
  • 2. Russia
  • 3. China
  • 4. India
  • 5. United Kingdom
  • 6. France
  • 7. South Korea
  • 8. Germany
  • 9. Japan
  • 10. Turkey

You see the above list there are lot myths are going to break which are holdings by the westerners in decades. You can see that out top five three are from the Asian countries and in that two are one of the fastest growing countries in the world. These two major economies are spending billions of dollar in coming years in military innovation, new hi-tech equipment and in many other products. Now European and American countries are losing from Asian giants. These research based on many things like number of military personal in different wings, number of military equipment, military spending and many other.

Some worlds larger developing economy like india, china, brazil are spending billions dollar in military despite of heaving very poor facilities for local amenities. But these countries don’t have any choice because they are facing serious issue like terrorism, and many external threats. But sometime some good output also come when countries spend money on research and other things which will help full for the general people and improve lively hood. To protect country as well as keep momentum on economy, country must need strong military.

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