Top 10 Biggest Shopping Mall in Asia, Check the list

This century is belongs for the Asians countries and all countries are taking in a way. All countries are doing hard work to make country rich and global foot print. Due to these entire thing many interruption are happening in the market. Some are solving very large problem which is still not solved by the many conventional way. These economy gain has solve many problem and increased the income of the entire Asian people and due to that all other countries are coming to expand there business such things are helping people to learn new technology as well as new things. As you also seen that if now big shopping mall concepts are came from the western countries.

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We also grownup in this new modern era in which people are doing shopping in the modern and high tech shopping centres. This is fascinating experience for all those people who are doing shopping first time and people are enjoying that moment very much. Every day some city opens new shopping mall to give the best place to seller as well as buyers. So that both feels good when they buy or just see the change are taking place in the city. Each shopping mall become a city pride when they open and people are so much excited to see that and feel the experience of shopping in the mall.

There are many reasons to write these articles so that you know what many people things about the Top 10 Biggest mall in Asia. Many people and many well known colleague ask about which is the biggest mall and where is that. So we all things that it is the best topic to write and people must know about this topic. So here you will see the list of asias’s biggest shopping mall list and you are free to place your thought.

Top 10 Biggest Shopping Mall in Asia   

  1. New South China Mall (6.46 million sq ft)
  2. Golden Resources Mall (6.0 million sq ft)
  3. CentralWorld (4.62 million sq ft)
  4. SM Mall of Asia (4.2 million sq ft)
  5. Dubai Mall (3.77 million sq ft)
  6. West Edmonton Mall (3.77 million sq ft)
  7. SM Megamall (3.6 million sq ft)
  8. Istanbul Cevahir (3.47 million sq ft)
  9. Berjaya Times Square (3.44 million sq ft)
  10. Siam Paragon (3.22 million sq ft)

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