Top 10 Best Actors in Bollywood of Indian Cinema in 2017

Bollywood is biggest movies industry of the world which is famous across the world. It produces and delivers highest number of movies in a year. Here, hundreds of across and actress are working together since last 100 year. These starts are always want to provide best movies to the indian audience but some time it fails in its own promises but they every time try to make some awesome movies for the India People. Indian people also expect some good movies with good stories so some time not actor and actress has responsibility to make good movies but people who are working on that they also has responsibility to make good movies.

On the basis of his work some magazine and survey institution will provide the list of best actors and actress list or some time they provide the Top 10 Actors list so here we also providing the list of 2016 top actors based on his movies success and his acting class. There are lot of things matter when you make a list of best actors. But you know situation and many other things involved when people will start making list. But you all these are mot my survey and things so just for the information purpose we are providing this kindly go though and check the list.

Some people are provide the based on popularity of actors but you know best actor are who, who play any kind of character in any film and its character looks like and true character. There are many actor act for the sake of acting but that type of people will not work in long term basis so as per my though the actor who love acting they will works in long term. So base on these qualities we are providing the list of best actor of year 2016. These may be differ from your thought so it up to how will take that. You can comment your view related to that in below.

So Top 10 List of Indian Actor 2016

  • Rank 1 :- Aamir Khan
  • Rank 2 :- Salman Khan
  • Rank 3:- Hrithik Roshan
  • Rank 4:- Akshay Kumar
  • Rank 5:- Shah Rukh Khan
  • Rank 6:- Ranveer Singh
  • Rank 7:- Varun Dhawan
  • Rank 8:- Ajay Devgn
  • Rank 9:- Sidharth Malhotra
  • Rank 10:- Ranbir Kapoor

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