Top 10 Apps for watching online video streaming

Worlds are changing in very paid way and people even not think how fast it is changing. One live example and all people are looking like now all things are moving from laptop to mobile. Most people want to use mobile phones in the place of laptop. So all business and things are coming on those things. All technology is changing in such a manner that they are making things for smart phone only. New types of technology like apps are came in function so that they can use it as they want. These type of things give so much flexibility and commands and by using of that they can able to use these things as they want.

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Now a day online video streaming apps are becoming very famous among the all smart phone users. It is unique concept and it is very beneficial for the all people who don’t want to spent lot of money as well as wants flexibility in watching the video. Some apps will all latest things like series, sports match, movies and other stuff. So you should know about these apps so that you can use best things in your smart phones. The list of such apps are :-

1 . Netfliex :- It is firs apps which provide all Hollywood dram series, movies and Bollywood videos                    without any interruption. You have to watch when you want to watch. So you have lot of flexibility in            watching videos

  1. Amazon Prime: – It is launched by amazon and it is also providing same facilities as the netflex provide. Some important things like that it has vas coverage like indian and many other countries drams series and sports are available. So it is also available on one month’s trail and see how it works.
  2. Hotstar App :- Hotstar is first indian online video streaming apps which provides these facilities. It provides videos in all indian language as well as in English and it is growing in very fast manner. It is very good if you want to watch indian video.
  3. Crunchyroll :- It also a fantastic online video streaming app which has good options of payments and it is giving one month’s free subscriptions. So if you want to check how it works then try to download through the google play.

Rest other most popular video streaming apps list given in below section. So you have options which you like and which is not good for you.

  1. Google Play Movies and TV
  2. HBO NOW
  3. Hulu
  4. Sling TV
  5. Twitch
  6. YouTube

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