Top 10 Air Bus making Companies in the World

aeroplane making companies

Technologies are improving day by day as the people are doing research in various countries. As you know that more innovation give more technology and thus people get more comfort and peace so many countries are now doing innovation or expanding money on that. Such trends are increased in last few years. As you know that most innovation done in electronics field and air system. Now a day’s many more innovation and development are taking places in the air system mostly in the Airplane making. Now a day many companies are making plane and exporting to different countries. These technologies are most advance in the world and create highly paid jobs across the world.

Many people get confused in airlines running companies and air bus making companies. So here we are giving some information so that you can make such differences when you see or sit in the plane. Companies like airbus, boieng makes plane and sell to those people who needs or want to buy that. But some companies take these planes and provide the facilities to those people who want to run a airlines. Some of most famous airline are Lufthansa, Air India, American Airlines and many more.

Now it is clear about the airlines making companies and airlines running companies. Here some of the great things about that now many developing countries are also making air bus and exporting of that. So here we are giving the list of those companies who is top in the list of making air bust and its component. Such companies have most advance technology. So check the list of Top 10 Biggest Airbus making companies.

Top 10 Airline Making Companies

  • The Boeing Company
  • Airbus Group – $36bn
  • Lockheed Martin – $21.95bn
  • United Technologies Corporation (UTC) – $17.3bn
  • General Dynamics Corporation – $14.73bn
  • BAE Systems – $12.91bn
  • Northrop Grumman – $11.88bn
  • Raytheon Company – $11.2bn
  • Safran Group – $9.65bn
  • Rolls-Royce Holdings

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